The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall presents:

3.11.17 @ 8:00PM

Marc Maron

The Too Real Tour

A legend in the stand-up community! Creator & star of IFC’s acclaimed show Maron & host of the insanely popular podcast WTF with Marc Maron

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Please note - this performance date has been moved from October 14, 2016 to March 11, 2017.  If you have already purchased tickets to the October 14th date, you may use them for the new date.  Please contact the Box Office at 518-273-0038 with any questions, thank you.


A legend in the stand-up community!  He is the creator and star of IFC’s critically acclaimed show Maron and host of the insanely popular podcast WTF with Mark Maron.

For  over  twenty  years,  Marc  Maron  has  been  writing  and  performing  raw,  honest  and thought-­provoking  comedy  for  print,  stage,  radio,  online  and  television.  A  legend  in  the stand-­up   community,  Maron  has  appeared  on  many  television  talk  shows,  including David Letterman, Craig  Ferguson, Jimmy  Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Seth  Meyers, Charlie  Rose  and  Bill   Maher.  He  has  appeared  on  Conan  O’Brien more than any other comedian.

On  the  small  screen,  Maron’s  critically  acclaimed  half-­hour  scripted  series,  Maron,  launched  its   fourth  season  on  IFC  in  May  2016.  The  show  was  created,  written,  and  produced  by  Maron,  who   also  directed  episodes  in  seasons  2  and  3.   Seasons  1-­3  of  Maron  can  be  found  on  Netflix  to   stream  and  the  show  was  nominated  for  a  WGA  Award  in  2016.    Marc  has  also  performed  guest   starring  roles  in  the  hit  series  Girls  and  Louie  and  can  be  seen  in  the  feature  films  Get  A  Job  and   Mike  and  Dave  Need  Wedding  Dates.     Maron’s  first  book,  The  Jerusalem  Syndrome:  My  Life  as  a  Reluctant  Messiah,  was  based  on  his   solo  show  and  is  available  for  purchase  on  Maron  also  penned  a   collection  of   essays  titled  Attempting  Normal,  which  was  released  by  Spiegel  and  Grau  in  2013,   later  making   The  New  York  Times’  Best  Seller  list.  His  first  three  albums,  Not  Sold  Out,  Tickets  Still   Available   and  Final  Engagement  are  comedy  cult  classics,  and  his  release,  This   Has  To  Be  Funny   (Comedy  Central  Records),  was  named  #1  Comedy  Album  of  2011  by  Marc   released  his  stand-­up  special,  Thinky  Pain,  on  Netflix  in  2013  and  as  an  album  in  2014.    His   most  recent  special,  More  Later,  premiered  on  Epix  in  December  2015  and  is  also  available  on   Hulu  and  Amazon  Prime.  
Maron’s  podcast,  WTF  with  Marc  Maron,  premiered  in  September  2009  and  features  compelling   monologues  and  interviews  with  iconic  personalities  such  as  Conan  O’Brien,  Terry  Gross,  Robin   Williams,  Keith  Richards,  Ben  Stiller,  Lorne  Michaels  and  President  Barack  Obama.  It  has   become  a  worldwide   phenomenon;  averaging  6  million  downloads  each  month,  with  over  240   million  lifetime  downloads.  WTF  regularly  hits  #1  on  the  iTunes  charts,  and  was  named  the  #1   Comedy  Podcast  by  LA  Weekly,  as  well  as  The  AV  Club.    It  has  been  deemed  as  a  “must-­listen”   by  Vanity  Fair  and  The  New  York  Times,  and,  in  2014,  Slate  named  WTF’s  two-­part  episode  with   Louis  C.K.  the  “best  podcast  episode  of  all  time.”     In  2012,  TIME  Magazine  included  Maron  in  its  short  list  of  the  100  Most  Influential  People  and   was  nominated  for  two  Comedy  Central  2012  Comedy  Awards:    Best  Comedy  Podcast  and   Best  Comedy  App.  He  also  travels  the  world  performing  sold-­out,  stand-­up  comedy  shows  and   delivering  lectures  on  podcasting,  technology,  and  his  journey  through  comedy.  In  2011,  Maron   was  given  the  honor  of  delivering  the  Keynote  Address  at  the  Just  For  Laughs  Festival  in   Montreal  and  he  has  more  recently  spoken  at  Princeton,  USC,  and  at  the  2015  Podcast   Movement  Festival  and  AdTech.  
Maron  currently  resides  in  Los  Angeles.